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11 webinars with the topic “Pipeline Management Solutions”, free of charge

Webinar series Pipeline Management Solutions

In cooperation with Phoenix Contact and Rosen the KROHNE Academy online is organising a webinar series with the topic „Pipeline Management Solutions“. In eleven webinars it will be shown how some of the major challenges in pipeline operation can be overcome. From fast detection of leaks or product theft identification to the prediction of future pipeline behavior, products, solutions and services for complete pipeline management will be explained. The webinars also address operational, security, environmental and legislative requirements including the API 1175 for Pipeline Leak Detection Programs.

Whether you are operating or planning a long or short distance pipeline for oil, gas, water or refined products in the oil and gas, chemical or any other industry, the webinars will cover how to establish a safe and efficient pipeline management solutions.

All webinars are free of charge and as an on-demand version available now.

Overview of the webinar topics

„Smart Monitoring and Protection of Pipelines“ | on-demand
In this webinar you will learn about modern pipeline management solutions and how to choose the best mix based on your application.
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„Basics of Pipeline Leak Detection Systems“ | on-demand
The webinar describes the basic fundamentals of pipeline leak detection possibilities from the simplest to the state-of-the-art systems reducing detection times from hours to minutes. Different examples will be given of successful pipeline applications.
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„Third Party Interference, Product Theft, Illegal Tapping and how to Detect It“ | on-demand
This presentation describes methods to identify and localize illegal tapping and product theft by providing a theft detection system.
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„Predicting Future Pipeline Behaviour by Pipeline Modeling“ | on-demand
The webinar explains how pipeline modeling can be used to predict the future pipeline behavior for the next hours and even up to several days to improve pipeline operation and maintenance.
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„How to Fulfil Requirements of a Pipeline Leak Detection Program (API 1175)“ | on-demand
The webinar describes the different aspects of a Pipeline Leak Detection Program and how to fulfil them.
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„Slack Line Flow in Pipelines and How to Identify It“ | on-demand
This webinar focuses on how to detect slack line flow by using pipeline modeling. The webinar describes how such a model works and how operators can benefit from it.
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„How to remotely commission and operate a Pipeline Leak Detection System“ | on-demand
This webinar will describe how a lot of onsite services can now be performed remotely showing the cost and project execution benefits based on practical experience.
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„#EnhancedConnectivity – Data logging and data transformation“ | on-demand
The webinar will show different options for data logging and transmission for monitoring solutions based on real examples. It will also cover the cyber security requirements and how they are fulfilled.
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„Inspection of Challenging Pipelines“ | on-demand
The webinar presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of the in-line inspection (ILI) solutions available today with a special focus on challenging pipelines.
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„NIMA Use Case: Risk Based Inspection for Storage Tanks“ | on-demand
The webinar describes how Risk Based Inspection program can be implemented to achieve inspection effectiveness through aligning inspection technologies to damage mechanisms.
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„Workload Reduction via LDS Technologies: A U.S. Compliance Perspective“ | on-demand
Technological advances in oil and gas are propelling the market toward a new level of efficiency that directly affects safety ...
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