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4 online seminars with the topic “Mastering the Energy transition in Europe” free of charge

Online seminar series Mastering the Energy transition in Europe

The energy transition is taking up speed in the industry. A variety of projects are in the implementation by making use of the combined production of heat and electricity. The highly efficient plants often use renewable fuels. A number of rules and regulations need to be followed in order to obtain the financial governmental support for the project. With our seminar series we’ll address important questions for planners, engineering companies and operators.

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Overview of the online seminar topics

„Main instrumentation requirements for projects executed under the combined heat and power act“ | on-demand
Many of today's combined heat and power projects are made possible by utilizing governmetal support. These programs help to accelerate the energy transition and achieve the desired climate goals ...
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„Metering system, for fuel gas and related standards in context with the power and heat act“ | on-demand
Fuel gas measurement and regulating stations applied for projects under the combined heat and power act not only need to meet metrological and technical requirements. Learn the fundamentals of the measurement instruments directive MI-002 applied for fuel gas ...
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„The Measuring Instruments Directive MID and its implemantation with heat metering as a practical example“ | on-demand
The use of available "waste" heat is the main reason for significant efficiency improvments in power generation. Get a general understanding of the measuring instruments directive and the local implementation in the EU member states ...
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„Feedwater, Steam and condensate measurement in CHP projects“ | on-demand
Feedwater and steam are part of the core power generation process. Get to know measurement technologies for feedwater and steam ...
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