From October 12th till October 14th

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3 online seminars with the topic “Optimisation in hygienic processes through key technologies”

Online seminar series Optimisation in hygienic processes through key technologies

Our dedicated Food & Beverage division comprises a global team of industry specialists and account managers to take care of your needs.

For your education on the latest in measurement instrumentation applied in production processes for F&B we have produced the detailed sessions on appealing topics that will enable efficiency increases in the production of your F&B product.

See our experts sharing applied expertise and illustrating value by choosing KROHNE instrumentation.

The participation in our online seminars is free of charge.

Overview of the online seminar topics

„Innovative measurement technology in confectionery production“ | on-demand
In this online-seminar, we take the production of chocolate as an example to present the benefits of the latest technological developments for users in the food and beverage industry ...
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„Reliable 2-phase flow measurement in the food and beverage industry“ | on-demand
It has always been a great challenge to control a process where wanted or unwanted air in the food or dairy product is present ...
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„Optical total suspended solids sensor for hygienic applications in the food and beverage industry“ | on-demand
Process optimization is the key in process control and process steering. Most of the time process analysis is still a parameter which is measured in the laboratory and therefore time consuming ...
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