Alarm handling, escalation and management in distributed automation projects. How to minimize downtimes and increase availability with common tools


Alarms are not always a problem. In some cases, the output of an organised alarm handling helps you to understand where are the biggest possibilities to achieve a higher availability of your plant. In this presentation we will show how to access the alarms of different distributed SCADA or DCS systems and how to escalate them and take the maximum effort out of the alarm information. Including the organisation of your service teams and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Alarm escalation today
  • Service team organisation
  • Transmission handling of different media like SMS, VoIP, E-Mail and more
  • Alarm analysis flexible and solution driven
  • Connection to different market leaders in SCADA and DCS


Markus Woehl

Markus Woehl

VIDEC Data Engineering GmbH, Authorized representative for international business development

Studies: Dipl.-Ing. Automation Technology, City University of Applied Sciences Bremen 1998
Support and Training at VIDEC from 1998 till 2000
Project Management from 2000 till 2012 at different System Integrators
International Business Development at VIDEC since 2012