Application: Technical Gases


In the chemical industry, technical gases perform many different purposes, they can serve e.g., as reactants and inertisation agents and can help reducing the carbon footprint.

With current trends expected to culminate in a hydrogen-driven economy, the chemical industry is gaining a fresh perspective at technical gases. This presentation will explain how innovative instrumentation can improve not only hydrogen processing, but all technical gases processes.

Key Takeaways

    • In this online seminar you will learn about:
  • Production processes for Technical Gases
  • Leverage points for process & efficiency improvement
  • Solutions for harsh conditions (oxygen, hydrogen, cryogenics, …)


Dipl. Ing. Ralf Haut

Dipl. Ing. Ralf Haut

KROHNE, Technical Manager, Global Industry, Division Chemical

Ralf is the Technical Manager in the KROHNE Group’s Global Industry Division Chemical. He holds a degree as Process Engineer and worked in a number of roles for companies including Bayer, Siemens and Honeywell.

In 2007 he started working with KROHNE. Closely liaising with the customers worldwide over many years, in his current role, Ralf is collecting requirements and is turning them into improved or new products/solutions in collaboration with KROHNE R&D, customers and major industry associations.