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Basics and advanced applications in flow meter calibration and verification


This online seminar is considering the theoretical background and practical aspects of calibration and verification of inline flowmeters for new and existing installations. All relevant basics and practical approaches for full comprehension of flowmeter calibration will be explained in detail. Practical examples and references are given.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the difference and details of volumetric and gravimetric flow calibration
  • Get an overview of all relevant definitions, differentiate between systematic and random measurement errors, accuracy and uncertainty.
  • Learn about influences in practical use, such as Inlet and outlet sections, Flow profiles and influences of Installation situations.
  • Understand the details of different types Label & Declaration of Conformity


Dr. Nicolaus Mathies

Dr. Nicolaus Mathies

KROHNE, Head of Metrology and Verification

Dr. Nicolaus Mathies is head of metrology and verification at KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH in Duisburg. He works in the fields of legal metrology, precision calibration and international organisation of intercomparison.