Chemical Plant Instrumentation: Internet of Things – or Things in the Internet?


In this online seminar, there will be a short overview of the current state of industrial ethernet systems for the chemical industry, followed by methods for adaptation of instrumentation into an “industry 4.0” or “IIoT” environment. Particular emphasis will be placed on modularity of plants and systems. The concept of MTP (Module Type Package), which will most likely play a major role in future chemical plants will be explained and discussed.

Key Takeaways

In this online seminar you will learn about:

  • Processes, Safety and Instrumentation in the Chemical Industry
  • Data communication – into the cloud?
    – Ways and means
    – Industrial Ethernet – Pros & Cons
  • Examples


Dr. Michael Magerstädt

Dr. Michael Magerstädt

KROHNE, Manager Global Industry Division Chemical, CEO KROHNE Suisse

Dr. Michael Magerstädt is manager of KROHNE’s Global Industry Division Chemical as well as CEO of the Swiss KROHNE subsidiary. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Berlin Technical University. Later, he completed a postgraduate study in business administration, focus marketing.

After graduating, Michael spent 4 years doing research in the United States both at a University and at a US government research laboratory. After this, for 13 years he held management positions at the global chemical manufacturer Hoechst AG (Frankfurt, Germany). After Hoechst, he spent 19 years as BU Manager, CTO, and CEO of privately owned manufacturing and technology companies in Germany and Switzerland before joining KROHNE. He was and is active in building technology startup companies.