Communication technologies for holistic automation on WWTPs


Beginning with the hardware of the single plant sections, over communication components and software, up to a holistic technical ecosystem. This session shows, which possibilities exist regarding the structure of a communication network and which benefits arise for the water industry due to an integrative system.

Key Takeaways

  • Which plant sections can be reached by a communication network
  • Meaning of the hardware in plant sections for the communication
  • Features of different transmission technologies
  • Features of different software solutions


Fabian Pasimeni

Fabian Pasimeni

Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co, Manager for Infrastructure Applications & Projects

As Manager for Applications & Projects, Fabian Pasimeni leads a group which is focused on the implementation of customer projects in the field of urban infrastructure applications.

He became part of the Phoenix Contact Group in July 2019. Before he worked as sales engineer and product manager in the blower & compressor manufacturing industry as sales engineer and product manager, with special focus on solutions and services for aeration systems of WWTPs.