Custody Transfer metering systems


In this online seminar we explain the basics behind a state-of-art custody transfer metering system in a master-duty configuration. The critical components of a metering skid will be explained and questions as why to use double block and bleed valves, how to deal with process variations and the basics behind master metering and in-field proving will be explained.

Key Takeaways

  • Overview of key components of a Custody Transfer metering system
  • In-situ proving vs master metering
  • Using instrument diagnostics data in the metering supervisory software


Hilko den Hollander

Hilko den Hollander

KROHNE Oil & Gas, Technical Manager

Since Hilko joined KROHNE in 2004 he has held several roles, including product manager for CT natural gas measurement. Today Hilko is technical manager of KROHNE Oil & Gas division, looking after instrumentation and metering systems from wellhead till refinery.