Customized solutions for efficient and reliable biological wastewater treatment


Most municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants apply biological treatment for the removal of oxygen demanding substances as well as nutrients. To carry out these tasks, biological treatment stages are equipped with aeration systems, mixers, pumps and sometimes with decanters for the discharge of treated water. Due to the continuous variations in hydraulic and waste loads, also control systems are a key component of this treatment stage.

The biological treatment stage is usually the largest energy consumer of wastewater treatment plants and bears the highest potential for energy savings by the selection of highly efficient products and solutions. Another key factor on the overall life cycle costs of a project is the equipment’s reliability.

Wilo as a solution provider in biological wastewater treatment is supporting customers from the beginning of a project until the end. We support with product selections and simulations during the planning, supply highly efficient and reliable solutions at realization and provide maintenance and consulting during operation.

Key Takeaways

  • Key challenges in biological wastewater treatment
  • Main benefits from efficient and reliable solutions in biological wastewater treatment
  • Wilo’s scope of supply during planning, realization and operation


Dr. Stephan Sander

Dr. Stephan Sander

Wilo GVA GmbH, Business Development and Sales

Stephan Sander joined Wilo GVA GmbH at 2017 and is responsible for business development and sales. He is expertized in applications related to biological wastewater treatment with a focus on aeration, mixing and decanting solutions.