Digitalisation in Water and Wastewater Industries


Bringing proven solutions and concepts to modern platforms and thus transforming them cost-effectively using the example of various facilities/associations. The right information for the employees using the example of the on-call staff and the plant manager

Key Takeaways

  • How to combine data from different systems in a UI and dashboard
  • How to integrate proven systems with their data in a web environment
  • How to react faster on the alarms of your plant
  • How to implement manual data in the field with an offline functionality
  • How secure are these modern systems and what are the TCO
  • Which optimization potential are available on staff, driving times, hardware, etc.


Markus Woehl

Markus Woehl

VIDEC Data Engineering GmbH, Authorized representative for international business development

Studies: Dipl.-Ing. Automation Technology, City University of Applied Sciences Bremen 1998

Support and Training at VIDEC from 1998 till 2000

Project Management from 2000 till 2012 at different System Integrators

International Business Development at VIDEC since 2012