Energy efficient water supply solutions


The reliable and energy efficient supply of water to population and industry is a current problem all over the world. Solving of this problem is a priority for societies because of limited energy and water resources.

Water supply systems have a significant economical and environmental impact due to their tremendous energy consumption. It is estimated that water supply and distribution systems consume around 5% of total electricity worldwide whereas the majority of this consumption comes from running of pumping systems.

Recently, new technologies in pump business have appeared that can greatly contribute to improving the pressurizing and controlling of the water supply systems.

The energy efficient pump operation is crucial where optimal pumping can be reduced up to 25% of the energy consumption and of course the resulting amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

For an efficient and sustainable operation of water supply systems, it is necessary to use high energy efficiency pumps since most water supply systems operate for long continuous periods.

Key Takeaways

  • Latest updates in modern pump design
  • Key advantages of latest technologies in terms of efficiency and operation safety
  • Integration of new pumps and pump systems in water supply networks


Serkan Ogut

Serkan Ogut

Wilo, Water Management & Industry, Group Market Segment Management

Serkan Ogut is responsible for market management and business development of clean water applications in Water Management at Wilo. He holds this position since 2016. He is experienced specifically for water intake and water supply applications associated with borehole pumping solutions.