Energy saving with high efficient water pumping solutions


Water supply systems have a significant economical and environmental impact due to large amount of energy consumption in water pumping systems. It is estimated that water supply and distribution systems absorb between 3%-7% of total electricity consumption worlwide. The majority of this consumption comes from pumping systems.

Due to some of EU directives such as 2012/27 EU Plan, European Union countries are forced to reduce energy consumption in all sectors of water supply systems.

The energy efficient pump operation is crucial, as optimized pumping can reduce up to 25% of the energy consumption and the resulting amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

For an efficient and sustainable operation of water supply systems, it is necessary to use high energy efficient pumps since most water supply systems operate for long continuous periods.

Key Takeaways

  • What are the major requirements in the applications
  • What are the main benefits of using high efficient pumps
  • How do solutions for high efficient water supply look like


Serkan Ogut

Serkan Ogut

Wilo, Water Management & Industry Group Market Segment Management

Serkan Ogut is the market and business development manager for clean water applications in the market segment water management. He is holding this position at Wilo since 2016 with specific experience for water intake and water supply applications associated with borehole pumping solutions.