FOCUS-ON; Intelligent process node: Direct flow and process control in the field


Introducing this breakthrough technology that offers the integration of multiple sensors in a control valve body, in combination with a powerful computer. This creates new possibilities for control, alarms, diagnostics and process optimization.

Key Takeaways

  • How does a FOCUS-1 device work
  • the modular approach
  • Simplification and optimization of the system through local control.
  • The Integrated Digital Twin, which creates redundancy and is the basis for diagnostic models


André Boer

André Boer

Managing Director FOCUS-ON

André Boer works at KROHNE Altometer in Dordrecht as General Manager. With his technical background, he started at KROHNE more than 35 years ago as a research assistant. During his career at KROHNE he has been able to start and implement several product and sensor developments. In addition, André has supervised the KROHNE and SAMSON Joint-Venture called FOCUS-ON in the past 3 years, as Managing Director. In this Joint Venture, an instrument has been developed that uses the latest technology to combine sensors in a control valve using a powerful computer on-board, forming a highly innovative product.

Collaboration and Education are the common denominators on André Boer‘s side-line activities. Lastly, André is not only a member of the Drechtsteden Employers’ Board, but is also chairman of Holland Instrumentation, a growing organization that connects and informs its members in the field of technical developments.