Inspection of Challenging Pipelines


The mechanical integrity of high-pressure pipelines must be ensured. Confirming a maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) requires high quality data on the state of the pipe wall.
The online seminar presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of the in-line inspection (ILI) solutions available today with a special focus on challenging pipelines. This includes free-swimming tools as well as tethered and robotic solutions. The presentation will introduce the main non-destructive testing technologies applied in ILI, such as magnetic flux leakage technology and ultrasound.
The difference between traditional high-pressure pipelines and challenging pipelines will be introduced and discussed. Challenging pipelines also referred to as “Difficult To Inspect” pipelines require special consideration regarding inspection from the inside. Typical issues are the design of the pipeline, the operational conditions and the medium in the pipe during the inspection. The presentation will also address the special role of dedicated procedures and the expertise and experience required to perform a successful inspection.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the difference between traditional and challenging pipelines
  • Have an overview of available inspection solutions
  • Understand the differences and respective strength and weaknesses of free-swimming, tethered and robotic internal inspection tools


Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Schneider

Dipl. Ing. Ulrich Schneider

University of Hannover, Master mechanical engineering

Master mechanical engineering, University of Hannover, Germany (Dipl. Ing.)

7 years as operator (project manager) at Preusssag oil + gas.

Since 1988 on vendor side: different roles in marketing + sales / business development for Pipetronix/PII, NDT Systems & Services. Since 2014 business development manager for KTN AS, Bergen, Norway, a company of the Rosen Group.

From 1985 - today directly involved in hundreds of pipeline inspection projects with Caliper, INS/mapping, MFL, EMAT and UT technology.
Inspection consultant since September 2013 (PIC, Pipeline Inspection Consulting).

Advisor Pipelines for EITEP, was PPSA director, presented many papers on international pipeline conferences, trainings for customers and seminars about pipeline inspection