Key measuring devices and features in W&WW applications


Presentation of key measuring devices (e.g. flow, analysis, pressure, temperature, level etc.) and key features dedicated to the water & wastewater industry, especially the comparison of classic grounding methods and explanation of an alternative grounding method.

Key Takeaways

  • Requirements for industry-specific measuring devices from today’s perspective
  • Application-related advantages of special additional functions in measuring devices
  • Showing efficiency increases in conventional applications
  • Overview of easier work through innovative grounding method


Michael Rumpf

Michael Rumpf

KROHNE, Head of the Water & Wastewater Division

Mr. Michael Rumpf has been head of the Water & Wastewater Division since it was founded in June 2016. He completely structured this department right from the start and today leads a team of 5 employees with direct responsibility as well as all industry-related colleagues in the respective local sales countries with strategic responsibility. Michael Rumpf is 39 years old, studied water resources management and has worked for the KROHNE Group for more than 15 years.