Leakage Detection Management System dedicated for W&WW


Workshop about a leakage management system on long water transmission pipelines. KROHNEs sophisticated solution and background to get efficient water transmission pipelines. A cost calculation will also be shown.

Key Takeaways

  • Basic principle of leak detection methods
  • Technical prerequisites to run E-RTTM LDS
  • System Architecture
  • Cost structure and financial benefit


Rüdiger Hochgesang

Rüdiger Hochgesang

KROHNE AG, Senior Project Manager for capital and strategic projects

In 2017 Mr. Rüdiger Hochgesang joined the GID Water and Wastewater as a qualified specialist for complex measuring systems, especially around the topic LDS. His experience is based on his many years of practice as an independent publicly appointed and sworn court expert for measuring technology before joining KROHNE in 2009. Since then he has been working as a product manager and business developer for pipeline leak detection with area responsibility (CIS and Asia-Pacific) and activities in the Middle East. He currently holds the position of a responsible Senior Project Manager for capital and strategic projects at KROHNE AG.