PROFINET – the unique door opener for the water industry


Introduction to PROFINET communication as well as showing the benefits for the daily plant operation. PROFINET offers operators a continuous communication down to the field level. Simultaneous transfer of process and diagnostic data like flow and conductivity etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the basics of industrial Ethernet
  • Learn about the different network topologies
  • Get an insight into the benefits of PROFINET in plant operation
  • Touch the basics of PROFINET engineering and diagnostics


Christoph Spiegel

Christoph Spiegel

KROHNE, Strategic Product Manager

Christoph joined KROHNE R&D in 2012 as electronics and firmware engineer with a focus on industrial automation. In 2016 he became head of R&D Embedded Software. In 2020 he decided to move from R&D to Strategic Marketing and has been Strategic Product Manager for converters since then. Christoph studied electrical and information engineering at the University of Duisburg and has a PhD in Communication Technologies.