Smart connected wastewater pumping solutions


Challenges in wastewater pumping are numerous: from increasing solid contents and higher demands in terms of operation safety to stronger regulations for energy efficiency up to increasing difficulties to find skilled workforce for operation and service of wastewater systems.

In this regard, it is of utmost importance to update the way of operating wastewater pumping systems to the latest technology standards and to use the capabilities of the 21st century: The fast development of electronics and IT offers new solutions for the increasing challenges of wastewater transport in terms of reliability, energy efficiency and connectivity. The new technologies upgrade pumps and pumping systems to smart devices with new features for the three named action fields.

With these advantages in hand, pumps are not only persuading the energy consumption reduction. They also offer increased operational safety by demanding less attention and workforce, less service intervention so they are easing the workload and costs for the operators.

Key Takeaways

  • Challenges in Wastewater transport
  • Benefits of pump intelligence
  • New ways for wastewater system design


Matthias Pantze

Matthias Pantze

Wilo, Group Director Market Segment Water Management & Industry
Group Market Segment Management

Matthias Pantze is working for Wilo since 2014, starting his career in the Product Management for Wastewater Pumps. Since 2019, he is the responsible Group Director for the Market Segments Water Management and Industry at Wilo, heading the global departments of Business Development and Market Management for the named market segments. He is an industrial engineer with intensive experience in digitalisation projects within the water sector.