Third Party Interference, Product Theft, Illegal Tapping and how to Detect It


Product theft and illegal tapping on pipelines is a major issue. According to the 2018 Concawe Report product theft is now the number one case for pipeline incidents. In total it accounts for 37% percent of all incidents on oil pipelines. This leads to high losses for the operators and impacts for the environment. The difficulty is to detect and localize theft that is done in very small amounts and for a limited and short time. This was not possible with classical leak detection methods. This presentation describes methods to identify and localize illegal tapping and product theft by providing a theft detection system. It shows how internal leak detection technology and experience is used for identification with dedicated theft pattern recognition.

Key Takeaways

  • What are third party interference, product theft, illegal tapping and how is it performed
  • What are the options to identify product theft
  • What additional features can support the fast detection of theft


Max Ihring

Max Ihring

KROHNE, Product Manager PipePatrol

Max Ihring is product manager of PipePatrol, the Pipeline Management Solutions of KROHNE. His responsibilities include strategic product development of PipePatrol, as well as conceptual design and planning of pipeline management and leak detection solutions, taking into account both client and regulatory requirements.