Industrial Temperature Measurement I

(Available languages: English, Deutsch, Français, 中文)

Module 1 (duration: approx. 19 min):
  • Meaning of temperature measurement technology
  • Definition of term “temperature”
  • Physical principles and historical background
  • Temperature scales and heat conduction
  • Contact and contactless measurement methods
Module 2 (duration: approx. 25 min):
  • Contact measurement methods
  • Mechanical measurement methods
  • Current measurement methods – the thermocouple
  • Mineral insulated cables
  • Compensation cables
  • Current measurement methods – the resistance thermometer
Module 3 (duration: approx. 20 min):
  • Connection methods for resistance thermometers
  • Other electrical measurement methods: NTC and PTC
  • Tolerances and measurement inaccuracy
  • Tolerance classes for resistance thermometers
  • Thermocouples
  • Thermo- and compensation cables

This post is also available in Deutsch, Français, русский and 中文.