EcoMATE™ and regulations “EU MRV” and “IMO DCS”

(Available language: English, 中文)

EcoMATE™ is an Electronic Fuel Management System designed by KROHNE Marine. It is a unified fleet solution specifically designed for real time monitoring of fuel consumption and bunkering. As a cloud based solution, EcoMATE™ can be accessed on shore and in real time. This enables crews, operators and fleet owners to monitor all vessels types and provides automatic calculation and reporting of emission and efficiency data.
EcoMATE™ is compliant with the European Union regulation 2015/757 on monitoring, reporting and verification of carbon dioxide emissions and global International Maritime Organization Data Collection System for fuel oil consumption on ships.
Both regulations aim at reducing greenhouse gas emissions from shipping.

Besides the electronic fuel consumption and carbon emission monitoring system for ships called EcoMATE™, the course focuses on the EU and IMO regulations to monitor fuel consumption and CO2 emission from shipping.

Topics of the course:
  • What is EcoMATE™ about?
  • Module “Fuel consumption monitoring”
  • Module “Bunkering Verification”
  • Module “EU MRV & IMO DCS emission reporting” (with explanation of both regulations)
  • Module “Cloud”