Sludge level and sedimentation profile metering

Measurement principles and application areas

(Available languages: English, Deutsch)

Module 1 (duration: approx. 25 min):
  • Introduction: What is sludge level metering and why is it important?
  • Measurement technologies of sludge level metering
  • Optical sludge measurement in practice: Profile measurement, Simultaneous monitoring of two concentrations, Zone-Tracking
  • Application examples: Wastewater treatment in the primary clarifier, Wastewater treatment in the secondary clarifier, Water treatment (sedimentation), Water treatment (rapid decarbonisation), Power industry (Flue gas desulphurisation)
  • Customer benefits and summary

Sludge Level Metering – Reliable sludge blanket measurement via an optical sensor

You can achieve an accurate and reliable profile measurement of your sedimentation tank using an optical sensor which travels through all layers of the tank reading suspended solids concentration at the different heights. This gives you more information than you can ever obtain with any comparable device based on an other technologies, which hence generates better knowledge about your sedimentation process.

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