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8 online seminars with the topic “Measurement, Control and Automation Solutions in Water and Wastewater Industry” free of charge

Online seminar series Measurement, Control and Automation Solutions in Water and Wastewater Industry

In cooperation with Phoenix Contact, Videc and Wilo the KROHNE Academy online is organising an online seminar series with the topic „Measurement, Control and Automation Solutions“. This online seminar series is equally aimed at system integrators, consulting engineers and end users in process industry. It gives you direct access to the know-how and many years of experience of leading suppliers in the W&WW Industry shown in 8 online seminars. The basics, special applications, efficiency enhancement options and savings potentials are discussed.

All online seminars are free of charge and as an on-demand version available now.

Overview of the online seminar topics

„Intelligent solutions for reliable waste water transport“ | on-demand
The continuous increase in the cost of water and the advance in water saving technologies had an unexpected effect on the “structure” of wastewater: Today, a cubic meter of sewage contains much more solids than 10 or 20 years ago ...
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„Remote Data Communication“ | on-demand
In this online seminar we present various remote data transmission options as well as data visualization.
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„Energy saving with high efficient water pumping solutions“ | on-demand
Water supply systems have a significant economical and environmental impact due to large amount of energy consumption in water pumping systems.
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„Key measuring devices and features in water and wastewater applications“ | on-demand
Presentation of key measuring devices (e.g. flow, analysis, pressure, temperature, level etc.) and key features dedicated to the water & wastewater industry.
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„Communication technologies for holistic automation on WWTPs“ | on-demand
This session shows, which possibilities exist regarding the structure of a communication network and which benefits arise for the water industry due to an integrative system.
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„IT security in the practical use“ | on-demand
We’ll show in the presentation how intuitive it is to protect your OT network before cyber security attacks and+F10 parts: The general introduction on power point is followed by a live demonstration.
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„Smart Solution for efficient wastewater pumping stations“ | on-demand
Mostly pumping stations can be found in several applications, especially in sewer systems. Typically, they are working as an autonomous solution without a connection to a higher SCADA system.
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„Digitalisation in Water and Wastewater Industries“ | on-demand
Bringing proven solutions and concepts to modern platforms and thus transforming them cost-effectively using the example of various facilities/associations.
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