Available Courses on the platform

A variety of web based training is offered on this learning platform so that you get a direct access to the knowledge and vast experience of one of the leading suppliers in industrial process measurement. The Web Based Training are audio enhanced, interactive courses. As with its on-site seminars, the KROHNE Academy online learning material is vendor agnostic and not specific to individual products and/or industries.

The main focus of each course relates to a measurement technology such as Variable Area, Vortex, Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, Mass flow or Level Measurement, or to a more general topics such as the basics of gas measurement or Pipeline Leak Detection. Furthermore, courses dealing with general industry topics, such as Explosion Protection or „Functional Safety (SIL)“, are available on this learning platform, too.

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Flow Measurement

Level Measurement

Temperature Measurement



Industrial Requirements

Monitoring solutions

Communications interfaces