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4 online seminars with the topic “The web of automation in the chemical & technical gases industry” free of charge

Online seminar series The web of automation in the chemical & technical gases industry – ways and means to increase efficiency and sustainability

The world´s economies are facing challenges bigger than ever: negative impact of the pandemic, trade conflicts… How to make your chemical plants more efficient and optimize spend? How to achieve long term competitive advantages by reducing ecological footprint? To what extent can the Internet of Things (IoT) help reach these goals? This online seminar series addresses these key concerns of today´s chemical industry.

In addition, we will give insights into key success factors for instrumentation in technical gases processes.

The participation in our online seminars is free of charge.

Overview of the online seminar topics

„Adding value in challenging times – increasing plant efficiency in the chemical industry“ | on-demand
In this online seminar, you will learn how KROHNE as supplier can contribute to increase your plant´s efficiency with products, solutions, and services ...
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„Long Term Competitive Advantages – Sustainability and reduced Ecological Footprint“ | on-demand
On their way to the highest possible level of sustainability, chemical companies have to consider measures to reduce the ecological footprint of their processes ...
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„Application: Technical Gases“ | on-demand
This presentation will explain how innovative instrumentation can improve not only hydrogen processing, but all technical gases processes ...
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„Chemical Plant Instrumentation: Internet of Things – or Things in the Internet?“ | on-demand
In this online seminar, there will be a short overview of the current state of industrial ethernet systems for the chemical industry, followed by methods for adaptation of instrumentation into an “industry 4.0” or “IIoT” environment ...
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