Temperature measuring points in standard applications and in safety loops (SIL)

(Available language: English, Deutsch)

The course will give you insight into temperature measurement while shedding light on all of the essential points regarding the instrumentation of temperature measuring points.

Module 1 addresses the special features and possible errors in the planning phase. Module 2 deals with the assembly and installation of temperature measuring points. Module 3 takes into consideration the typical errors that may occur during operation.

Module 1: The planning phase
  • Selecting the right thermowell material
  • Properly sizing the thermowell
  • Designing sensors for safety instrumented systems
Module 2: Assembly and installation
  • Proper installation of thermowells
  • Proper assembly of the measuring insert
  • Configuration of the transmitter
  • Proper connection of the sensor
Module 2: Typical errors in operation
  • Damage to the thermowell
  • Transmitter malfunction
  • Temperature sensor error
  • Electromagnetic disturbances