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3 online seminars with the topic “Geothermal energy - tailored solutions for sustained operation under harsh process conditions” free of charge

Online seminar series Geothermal energy – tailored solutions for sustained operation under harsh process conditions

Geothermal plants use brine and steam for eco-friendly electricity generation. The utilization of this natural energy source containing also undesirable compounds represents a challenge with regards to corrosion, scaling and the sustained operation of the plant. Learn how dedicated instrumentation and smart solutions can cope with the harsh process conditions, supply additional process information and ensure a safe and enduring plant operation.

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Overview of the online seminar topics

„Improved geothermal plant availability and turbine life by utilizing a new metering approach“ | on-demand
Geothermal steam is close to saturation or even wet and contains NCGs and other unwanted substances ...
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„Take up the brine challenge … how to apply flowmeters for geothermal brine“ | on-demand
Geothermal fluid is basically a multiphase mixture consisting of steam, NCGs and brine which can contain H2S, chlorides and other substances. Once separated the challenges in the brine continue ...
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„Level Measurement in Geothermal Applications“ | on-demand
Separators, heat exchangers/evaporizers and condensers are not the only devices where level meters are applied within the geothermal power plant ...
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