Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flowmeters

(Available language: English, Deutsch)

Ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters (“Clamp-ons”) achieve flexible flow measurement without direct fluid contact, simply by being “clamped” onto the outside of the pipe. Besides describing clamp-ons in gerneral with all characteristics which need to be taken into consideration, this course presents the two existing types and compares them with each other: stationary and portable. Clamp-ons are used in almost all industries as a cost-effective alternative to in-line flowmeters.

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Module 1:
  • Historical overview
  • Construction and design of clamp-on flowmeters
  • Technology of ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters
  • The law of refraction
Module 2:
  • Sizing and calibration of ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters
  • Measurement uncertainties
  • Installation of ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters
Module 3:
  • Shared features of stationary and portable clamp-ons
  • Stationary clamp-ons
  • Portable clamp-ons